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December 31, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- Gasp! Those damnable white people are at it again. 

They're moving into the neighborhood, tidying their lawns, and refusing to rob pizza delivery guys. 

Next thing you know, it will actually be safe to walk the streets of Eugene, Oregon at night. 

How could they let this happen?!

No one in the far-left media seem concerned when hordes of Muslims overwhelm entire cities in Michigan; not to mention the whole of Western Europe. 

An influx of blacks into any given neighborhood with the subsequent decline in property values and the escalation of crime deserves nary a whimper; unless you object. Then they call you the racist. 

Yeah, I got it. Not all black Americans are hoodie-wearing hoodlums who hold up liquor stores. To demean an entire class of people by the oddities of a few is deplorable. 

Yeah, did you get it? Not all white nationalists are tattooed hooligans who drape Nazi flags over porch banisters. To demean an entire class of people by the oddities of a few is, again, deplorable. 

However, when decent white people defy the milieu imposed upon the lot of us by cultural Marxism, the media goes berserk. 

Hate crimes are on the rise, the media moans. More accurately stated, the media should report, "Hate crime hoaxes are on the rise." See fakehatecrimes.org for a near-comprehensive list. 

The same media pays little attention to the massive increase in Islamic terror attacks and the rise of Muslim no-go zones; phenomena that was non-existent in America and Europe until recent years. 

But when a guy hangs a Gadsden flag in his garage; all media hell breaks loose. A Confederate flag can lead to outright pandemonium. Attach that flag to a pick-up truck and Confederategeddon is nigh. 

What really worries the media — actually, the halfling nodnarbs who compose its content — is the fact that white people are actually asserting themselves. It's like the Charlottesville demonstration; only permanent. 

Next thing you know they'll be wearing hoods and robes in public; like hijabs. 

Meanwhile — as of December 31, 2017 — there were 839 people killed by Muslims this month; and since the 9-11-2001 there have been 32,301 documented terrorist attacks committed by Muslims. 

But ignore all that. There are proud white people moving to Eugene. 

From Daily Mail ▼

The battle for Eugene: Chilling photos reveal how white supremacists have 'taken over' a once-liberal Oregon college town with hate crimes on the rise and swastikas plastered over the walls

Once-liberal college town Eugene, Oregon has been overcome with crime and emboldened white supremacists

Some members of the group have held events during Holocaust Remembrance Day where swastika flags were flown

One of the members allegedly baked 'cookies in the shape of swastikas' in honor of Adolf Hitler's birthday

Some have even attacked business owners, and one owner had to hire a lawyer

Also, this past year, hate crimes in Eugene went up by 44 since 2016 - as city officials recorded a total of 60 this year

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