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December 30, 2017

Brawls erupted at Waffle Houses in Ohio
and North Carolina. Apparently Chuck E Cheese
was closed for the evening.

DAILYKENN.com -- Behold the red pill. 

Once again we are reminded why privileged white liberals avoid blacks. 

When similar behavior is observed among a race of people and that behavior transcends time and geography, it is reasonable to presume (a) it is genetic and (b) you will be accused of racism (or called an "Uncle Tom") for noticing the naked emperor. 

The following story reports the brawl at a Waffle House in Ohio. For a video and news report of the Christmas Day brawl at a North Carolina Waffle House, click here ►.

Blacks were also involved in a brawl in Australia. 

See Australia brawl story/video here ►

From nydailynews.com ▼

SEE IT: Police investigating massive brawl at Waffle House

A huge brawl at an Ohio Waffle House has sparked a police investigation.

The fight, which was caught on cell phone video, erupted around 3 a.m. on Tuesday inside a Waffle House on Neubrecht Road in Lima.

The incident involved multiple males and females.

In the footage, several groups of people are seen throwing punches and kicking each other.

Viral fight video between Florida students sparks investigation

At one point in the video, a man in a red and black jacket is seen pummeling a woman with his fists.

He then slams the girl on the ground as he continues to attack her.

The Allen County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that they are looking for those involved in the wild fight.

"We're going to investigate this to the fullest extent," Sheriff Matt Triglia told a local news station Your News Now. "We're not going to tolerate these incidents in the county."

Triglia called the incident "disturbing" and said he was going to put extra patrols in the area.

"I can't imagine a family in there trying to eat dinner and have to go through this," he said. "It's very disturbing to me and the administration here, and we're going to do everything we can to stop this."

According to WCMH, the fight inside the restaurant ended before police arrived.

A second brawl erupted in the parking lot of the Waffle House in front of officers.

Police arrested 26-year-old Moniqua Lasenby for persistent disorderly conduct and 22-year-old Nahporchia Allen for misdemeanor disorderly conduct by fighting.

On Wednesday, a female victim contacted the sheriff's office saying she had been attacked by a guy during the fight.

The sheriff's department posted a photo on Facebook of Decorion H. Dawson saying they want to speak with him regarding the incident. 


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