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December 14, 2017 -- The media has creased our gray matter with the notion that the Klan was notoriously anti-Catholic (in spite of the fact that there were numerous Catholic Klan members; particularly in Louisiana).

screen shot wkyc

In reality Catholics are more likely to be accosted by black street savages or throat-slashing Muslims than Klansters. 

Case in point ...

From wkyc ▼

Three juveniles arrested in connection with attempted robbery of a local priest

"I thought this was going to be the end."

Author: WKYC

Published: 6:05 PM EST December 13, 2017

Three juveniles have been arrested in connection with the aggravated robbery of a local priest.

The suspects were arrested Tuesday evening in the 200 block of E 150th after their vehicle was recovered by police.

Officials responded to a call for shots fired at 712 East 155th, Monday around 8:06 p.m.

Prior to police arrival, dispatch spoke with Father John Kumse of St. Mary's Church in Collinwood who stated he had been shot at.

Father Kumse says he was doing his rounds, locking up various buildings on the Church property, Monday when he was approached from behind after leaving the chicken coop with a carton of eggs by two black male teenagers who stated," Give me the eggs."

Kumse began running away as the pair began chasing him.

He fell down shortly before one of the males fired three shots at him.

"I thought this was going to be the end," he told WKYC's Dorsena Drakeford on Tuesday.

The two males fled the scene in van parked on the Church grounds.

According to reports, various security cameras captured the suspects on church grounds appearing to hide and wait to attack Kumse.

The video also shows two young black females exiting the van and walking off the Church property prior to the attack.

Reports indicate that the two young females can be seen running back to the van while the shooting was occurring.

Daniel Wortor, the owner of Kamoe and Kulubah Place located at 15601 Holmes Avenue, says two young girls between the ages of 8 and 10 entered his shop just before the shooting occurred.

He stated the girls entered and asked to use the phone to make a call to her father to pick them up

Wortor says he doesn't believe calls were ever made and that the girls were stalling for time.

According to Fr. Kumse, a friend of his also had his car parked in the Church parking lot prior to the shooting, afterwards they noticed the rear window was vandalized with the message," MBK Lakesho ManMan."

Fr. Kumse states that he had never seen the two males before, and no shell casing were recovered from the scene.

"Some people have asked aren't you afraid to be down here," Father Kumse said on Tuesday. "This has been a very good neighborhood, this is a quiet neighborhood, people look out for one another. I really think that when one of the neighbors heard shots and came out and turned on his spotlights, it stopped them from pursuing me and they left."


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