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December 16, 2017 -- 8-year-old first grader?

• IMHO, every prospective teacher should be required to invest his/her first year at a black-majority school and achieve verifiable advancements in the students' academic achievements as a prerequisite to obtaining a license. 


• It would red pill teachers, providing a vaccine that would kill the cultural Marxism virus that infected their brains during college.

• It would effectively eliminate government schools as there would be a dearth in teachers as virtually none could successfully achieve verifiable advancements in the students' academic achievement. 

• Consequently, it would decrease property taxes substantially which, usually, are tapped to underwrite massive, useless construction projects via bond financing projects. 

• It would decrease the Democratic Party base as government schools could no longer churn out hordes of thought reformed zombies. 

From Daily News ▼  

Success Academy student’s family sues the charter school over his lengthy suspension 

The family of a Brooklyn first-grader who was suspended for more than 40 days by Success Academy is suing the powerful charter school network, claiming it violated his right to a public education.

Brooklyn Legal Services lawyer Nancy Bedard is representing the Crown Heights family that has asked for anonymity because the 8-year-old boy and his sister are still enrolled at the Success Academy Prospect Heights charter school.

Bedard claims the child was removed from class unfairly, even though officials claim he hurled a stool at one staffer, stabbed another with a pencil and committed other dangerous acts.

“Success Academy has illegally denied this child the right to attend school,” Bedard said.

The school “refused to allow” him to attend school for 45 days last year and 20 days this year, according to Bedard, who is seeking unspecified damages from Success on behalf of the family.

In February, Success Academy initiated a 45-day suspension after officials said he hurled a stool at an assistant principal and dragged her down a hallway by the hair.

Suspensions of 40 days or more are extremely rare in traditional public schools. But they are not illegal, as long as certain rules are followed, including requirements to hold pre-suspension hearings.

Bedard says Success Academy didn’t hold a hearing, making the suspension illegal.

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