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December 27, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- The mainstream media said nothing that I could find about the assailant who stabbed a 27-year-old white woman. 

WND.com, however, filled in the censored elements by reporting, 

At some point, neighbors heard her screams and came to help. Her attacker – described as a Somali man in his early 20s, about 5-foot-7 with a slight build and wearing grey stone-washed jeans – ran away. 

Why are we encouraging Somali savages to invade our nation? The answer is simple: Most vote for big-government, authoritarian Democrats. 

Democrats are willing to risk our lives and sacrifice our safety in exchange for control. 

The average IQ in Somalia stands at 68. The threshold for mental retardation is 70. That is, the population of Somalia is retarded on average. No wonder they tend to back Democrats.

Suspending reality to accommodate a cultural Marxism myth that is reinforced by the induction of a sense of altruism is simply insane. Allowing ourselves to be coerced to pretend Somali savages are our equals when, clearly, most simply can't assimilate in Western civilization is equally insane. 

Who convinced us that we are somehow lacking civility by allowing the uncivil to mass migrate into our nation? Who persuaded us that simply facing reality is "racist?"

From  kstp.com ▼

A Minneapolis woman who was stabbed 14 times while walking to her Uptown home said she is doing better and is focused on helping police catch her attacker.

Twenty-six-year-old Morgan Evenson said she was attacked Dec. 13 while walking home from her job at the Apple store on Hennepin Avenue.

Evenson told KSTP she struggled with her attacker at the corner of 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue and she considers herself lucky to be alive.

"It was horrifying, because I could feel something that felt like it was stinging me, but it was him stabbing me," she said. "Doctor's told me I had 14 wounds that needed stitches, including a lacerated kidney."

Evenson told KSTP her main concern now is getting better and helping police find whoever did this so he cannot do it again.

"I cannot imagine anyone attacking someone like that and as a woman it is especially frightening, but I knew I had to fight back and I want him to know I am OK and that he will be caught," Evenson said.

Evenson said she is extremely grateful to neighbors and passersby who heard her screaming and came to her aid which, she said, ultimately led to her attacker running away.

"It is very touching to see and hear from so many people who care," she said. "I am forever grateful to the people who came to may aid and without them I might not have survived.

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