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December 13, 2017 -- Warning to my liberal friends: Beware of the truth virus. Once infected, it may multiply and turn you into a Republican. 

From Daily Caller ▼

Bruni, being a liberal, believes that Martinez’s argument is based on legitimate grievances of “systemic oppression,” but he can’t ignore the hatred emanating from the young student’s views and the Times columnist understands that Martinez is not an outlier.

“This wasn’t just one student or one campus or college campuses in general,” Bruni writes. “This was a manner of thinking and language too prevalent among those who correctly call out racial inequities and social injustices but wrongly fall prey themselves to the bigotry behind those ills.”

The writer thinks this development is harmful both to his side of the political aisle and for American democracy in general. “Mirroring the ugliness of white nationalists and the alt-right just gives them the ammunition that they want and need,” he argues.

The column itself was rather mild and firmly rooted in contemporary liberal ideas. Bruni even spent a good chunk of the article attacking Trump.

The one different thing about the op-ed is that it took note of the fact that higher education is producing toxic sentiments towards white people.

That was an outrageous and inane thing to do, according to Bruni’s left-wing critics. The Times writer was accused of bullying a poor college student from his perch at the most powerful paper in the country. Apparently the TSU column is so insignificant and harmless that no one should have even paid attention to it.

There’s nothing to worry about if you’re not a racist.

But Bruni may somehow be helping those racists with his column, according to Mic’s Jack Smith IV.

Hey @FrankBruni, you know who’s ‘mirroring the ugliness of white nationalists and the alt-right’? The NYT columnist running ‘It’s ok to be white!’ reverse racism op-eds,” Smith tweeted.

The Mic reporter later wrote an article for his outlet reiterating that same point in a more refined manner.

Basically, giving attention to the worst trends of higher education helps the alt-right, so The New York Times should ignore it — or justify it as brave students fighting against white supremacy....


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