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Democrats treat blacks
like farm animals

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December 8, 2017 -- "James Morgan feels in his bones that being a 'descendant of slaves' is still a defining quality of his existence as a black man in America," the report says.

Morgan was profiled as a typical black voter who is weighing the prospect of voting for a white woman for mayor. 

Someone needs to inform Morgan that many blacks in America are descendants of slave owners. Countless thousands of free blacks owned slave labor. Among those was Anthony Johnson, an African colonist who was the first legal slave holder in what is now the United States. William Ellison was the largest slave holder in South Carolina, according to data provided in the 1860 census. Ellison was one of thousands of black slave owners. 

It's time black Americans own up to their history. The problem is, of course, most are simply ignorant of their heritage as slave owners in both Africa and North America. 

From Christian Science Monitor ▼

James Morgan feels in his bones that being a “descendant of slaves” is still a defining quality of his existence as a black man in America.

In that way, the retired gas-line worker takes particular pride in Atlanta’s nearly five decades of black leadership, epitomized today by Mayor Kasim Reed, a descendant of Nigeria’s Igbo tribe who has overseen a spectacular economic run for the South’s preeminent trade and culture hub.

Born and raised on the city’s rapidly-gentrifying east side, Mr. Morgan, wearing a fedora and leather jacket, understands the importance of the city as a paragon of black competence – a legacy that to him seems especially important as the FBI in November reported an uptick in racial hate crimes nationally against both whites and blacks.

Yet Atlanta and its AA+ bond rating face a pivotal choice Tuesday. Morgan, for one, says he is torn between the two candidates facing each other in a run-off. On one hand, there is former City Councilor Keisha Lance Bottoms, the daughter of the late '60s-era soul singer Major Lance; on the other City Councilor Mary Norwood, an energetic campaigner from tony – and majority-white – Buckhead, who lost to Reed by just over 700 votes in 2009. If elected, Ms. Norwood would be Atlanta's first white woman mayor – and its first white mayor in more than four decades.


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