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December 10, 2017 -- The year was 1967. 

With rabbit ears adjusted for ultimate reception, our black-and-white television was presenting an interview from Detroit, Michigan. 

A chubby young black woman with small children in tow was making her case: Poverty was the root cause of the riots that summer

Not much has changed in half a century. 

Fast forward to 2017. 

Detroit's annual Noel Night may be cancelled after 45 years due to violence. There were four shootings at this year's event. 

It's called "regression to the norm."

When white populations are displaced by blacks, the inevitable occurs: Violent crime increases and the once tidy neighborhoods regress to African shanty towns. 

Here is a list of the ten most dangerous cities in America. They all have one thing in common.

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. St. Louis, Missouri
3. Oakland, California
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. Birmingham, Alabama
6. Atlanta, Georgia
7. Baltimore, Maryland
8. Stockton, California
9. Cleveland, Ohio
10. Buffalo, New York

The above cities have several things in common:

First, they were built and populated by white people. 

Second, the white populations were displaced by the incursion of black violence. 

Third, every structure that currently languishes in a state of deterioration was once a brand new building designed by white architects and constructed by white engineering techniques.

We can follow the strange perspective of the young black women from 1967 (who would now be in her late 70s) and consign the violence to some social cause, or we can escape the mind-boggling fog of cultural Marxism and accept coarse reality: Violent crime is the norm in virtually every black community on earth. 

The dirty little secret that none care to acknowledge is this: Black violence is the outcome of a genetic predisposition. Just as males are prone to be more violent that females, blacks are predisposed to violent crime. 

There is no correlation between skin color and violent crime. Whites don't become more aggressive after basking in the summer sun. In fact, the profile of a violent criminal isn't even race related. Rather, violent criminals tend to be (a) males, (b) ages 18 to 49, and (c) have IQ ranging from the low 80s to the mid 90s. 

Intelligence is also a predictor of prosperity. 

Take a drive across any metropolitan area in America. As you drive through the manicured wealthy suburbs, to the nearby middle-class working areas, and then to the littered and decomposing urban neighborhoods, you are literally observing a wealth gradation. You are also observing an intelligence gradation. People who occupy wealthy neighborhoods tend to be more intelligent than those in middle class neighborhoods who, in turn, tend to be brighter than those who dwell in the slums. 

There is no social engineering that can alter that reality. The redistribution of wealth will change nothing. A redistribution of the gene pool will result in a lower base intelligence level. Dysgenics, however, will almost certainly produce an average IQ south of 90 that will negatively affect our standard of living and require a strong central authoritarian government. 

According to ▼

Saturday’s quadruple shooting at the Noel Night festivities has organizers considering canceling the 45-year-old event, while others are concerned the incident could dissuade Amazon and other businesses from investing in Detroit.

The gunfire, which wounded four people, is the latest black eye for a city struggling to shed the decades-old stigma of being a dangerous place to visit. In June, two shootings left three injured at the downtown fireworks show. There also have been several recent violent episodes in Greektown, including an incident this weekend in which a man was shot in the Greektown Hotel elevator.


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