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December 1, 2017 -- The sketch generated by DNA has created the image of a black male. 

The image is the suspect in the murder of a Utah woman.

Apparently race is more than skin deep. It's DNA deep. 

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SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah ( ABC4 Utah) - A new lead in the unsolved murder of Sherry Black was announced Thursday.

Police say they sent off blood evidence found at the scene that did not belong to Sherry Black to a lab specializing in a new DNA technology.  

The lab called Parabon NanoLabs uses a technology called "Snapshot" to extract DNA and produce a report and composite sketch of the person involved. In this case, they used the DNA to reverse engineer what the suspect would look like. They are able to determine ancestry, hair color, eye color, skin color and face shape. 

Police are able to use that information to narrow the suspect list and generate leads. 

At the Thursday after press conference, Sherry Black's daughter spoke about finding the suspect.

"As has been said, seven years ago to the day, my mom Sherry Black was brutally murdered," said Heidi Miller.  "The person who killed her is still out there. It's been way too long. We need to catch that person so he can't hurt anybody else."

To date, there's been no arrest despite clues left behind by the suspect.

At the crime scene, police said he left behind a belt and blood.  That DNA has failed to produce a suspect.

"If he would have been a repeat criminal offender, we would have had his DNA in the system," said Ben Pender with Unified Police.  "But so far nothing has matched."

South Salt Lake police chief Jack Carruth said detectives have not stopped investigating the case. They tried matching the DNA with convicted felons in a national data.  It produced no evidence of a suspect.  And he said from there, detectives are now using this latest technology, Parabon-snapshots, available to police departments.

"That information itself uses DNA, goes into the system and the company Parabon, creates an image of what the suspect may possibly look like," said Carruth.

The laboratory breaks down the suspect's ancestry,  eye, hair and skin color.

"By combining these attributes of appearance, the composite was produced depicting what the suspect looked like at 25 years of age," said Pender.  "Texas actually just had a case that was solved because of this."

And it's now come to Utah in hopes of solving a seven-year old murder.

As an incentive, the Miller family increased the reward up to $250,000.

"No matter how small it may be, if you overheard something in a restaurant, if you've been hesitant to come forward, now is the time to come for you to do that," said Gregg Miller, Heidi's husband. "Please come forward and help us find Sherry's killer" 


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