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December 26, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- A black male has been arrested after the murder of a white woman at an Atlanta area restaurant. 

Chelsea Beller, 29, needlessly lost her life November 19, 2017 during a "robbery gone wrong."

52.2 percent of homicides in the United States over a 30-year period were committed by blacks, according to the US Dept. of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. Most were black males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about four percent of the nation's population. 

From wsbtv.com ▼

Channel 2 Action News has learned that police made an arrest in a deadly robbery at Barcelona Wine Bar.
Manager Chelsea Beller, 29, was shot and killed on Nov. 19 when three suspects broke into the restaurant on Howell Mill Road, forced her into an upstairs office to open a safe and then shot her as they ran.

Beller was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died.
Police arrested Samuel Ott, 21, on Saturday after police say his DNA was matched to evidence linked to the crime scene. He has been charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment. He has been taken to the Fulton County Jail.


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  1. can you cucks that read the content on this site imagine the jewish media outrage towards ALL white people and revenge black on white attacks that would be being pushed had the races been reversed in this? Oh yeah, that's right, white people don't rape, rob ,assault and kill negroes for sport nationwide on a second by second basis in this disgusting jew run nation.
    Start talking the JQ DK ...i dare you.
    you wont because you know better and people that don't attack our enemies may as well be in bed with them.

  2. robbery gone wrong haha negro gone wrong. even children no its the joo behind the curtain.


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