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December 22, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- Police say the individual who drove into a crowd of (white) shoppers in Melbourne, Australia was miffed over the mistreatment of Muslims. 

For those who just emerging from the basement beneath the rock, no one mistreats Muslims more than other Muslims. 

From Twitchy ▼

GUESS WHAT: Police have a motive for man who ran down shoppers in Melbourne

As Twitchy reported early Thursday, a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent was arrested after targeting Christmas shoppers with his car. Both the driver and a second man, who was photographing the aftermath of the attack and who also reportedly had three knives on him, were arrested.

Police initially said there was no evidence that the incident was terror-related and that the driver had a history of mental health issues.

However, later in the day, police said the suspect was motivated by “perceived mistreatment of Muslims” but had no known links to any terrorist groups.


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