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December 7, 2017 -- The memory of nine black parishioners fatally shot at a Charleston, SC church has been deeply embedded in our brains. 
Racist serial killer gets a pass because
he shows signs of mental illness

The knowledge of a racist Missouri serial killer doesn't come to mind. The reason? The Missouri killer was black and his victims were white. 

The media wants us to give 22-year-old Frederick Scott a pass. Scott is the black male who allegedly killed five innocent white men in Missouri and has now been charged with the brutal murder of a helpless, homeless white woman. 

Scott was quoted as saying he wants to "kill all white people."

An op/ed at explains that Scott showed signs of schizophrenia. We should give this mass killer a pass because he may have a mental illness. 

In fact, virtually all mass killers are mentally out of kilter.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be mass killers. Rational people don't take the lives of multiple innocents. However, that malady only matters when the killers are black and their victims white. 

When Dylan Roof gunned down nine blacks in Charleston, no one said, "Eh! Never mind. He's a loon."

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Grandview community to hold funeral service for murdered homeless woman

A murdered homeless will finally be laid to rest.

Fredrick Scott has been charged with her murder and has also been charged in the deaths of two other people.  Police also believed he is connected to multiple murders along Indian Creek Trail.

It’s been five months since Karen Harmeyer, 64, was found shot to death behind Faith Ministries World Church, located at 12222 Blue Ridge Boulevard.

The community plans to come together Tuesday to give her a proper farewell.

Some at the church knew her for nearly 20 years. They say she lived behind the church for more than ten years and say not seeing her on a daily basis has been a great loss for the community.

"I’d see her daily, almost coming and walking up and sometimes she’d stop in and we’d give her a cup of coffee, she’d say ‘Hi pastor Dennis’, always friendly," said Dennis Capra, pastor of Faith Ministries World Church.

Capra says everyone knew that Harmeyer had set up a camp for herself. He says she would stop by the church often and they would give her food and blankets.

After her July murder, no family was ever found.

Harmeyer’s body sat unclaimed until Grandview Police Chaplain Lenny LaGuardia stepped in.

LaGuardia is organizing Tuesday’s service. He says the service is open to anyone who wants to help honor a longtime Grandview neighbor.

“We have no agenda. Her family was the city. She knew just about everybody in the city and businesses so we just want to honor her,” LaGuardia said. "She was very kind and she was very loving and in her struggles, she still had a smile on her face, so we just hope that the city can come together and bring closure to a situation that was very tragic."

On Tuesday, pastor Capra says the community will be her family.

"It was a hurt, it was a loss to not have her walk up and down the streets these days. To not go back there and just peak in on her, it’s just kind of different," Capra said. 

The service starts at 5 p.m.

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