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December 23, 2017 -- Reports say John Ferrari died after he was repeatedly beaten in the head with a shovel. 

The killer says he was mad at his girlfriend. That leads us to wonder if impulse control levels are genetically determined.

Meanwhile, back in the delusional fantasy world of cultural Marxism, we are to be repenting of our egregious sin of white privilege. 

Cry me a river. 

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A Monticello man was sentenced Friday to 21 years to life in prison for the murder of a bungalow-colony caretaker.

Rickey Bolden, 37, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of John Ferrari, 61, of Riverdale, N.J. Bolden admitted that he beat Ferrari with a shovel, striking him in the head multiple times on Sept. 21, 2016.

Bolden had been working for Ferrari at the Pardess Bungalow Colony in the Town of Thompson.

The plea deal was made on the condition that Bolden waive his right to appeal, and was intended to spare Ferrari’s family the ordeal of a trial, Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell told Judge Michael McGuire in Sullivan County Court.

Ferrari’s former wife, Christine Barrington, and his girlfriend, Robin Malley, and her daughters, Sarah and Jenna, watched from the courtroom gallery.

Farrell read from letters by Ferrari’s family describing Ferrari and the devastation his murder wrought on family and friends. He was selfless, Ferrari’s son, John “JT” Ferrari wrote, there to help no matter the hour. Ferrari drove home each night to care for his mother, who suffers from dementia.

“He made the mistake of giving someone who had a hard life a chance to live decently,” JT Ferrari wrote, “and it got him killed.”

JT Ferrari wrote that his brother Taylor blames himself for not being there to save their father’s life.

Farrell told the judge that the evidence against Bolden was overwhelming. DNA matching Ferrari was found on blood stains on Bolden’s sneakers, sweatshirt and jeans. Video from Pardess showed Bolden and Ferrari walking off toward the rear of the property, and Bolden driving off in Ferrari’s car less than an hour later. Bolden pawned a chain stolen from Ferrari 17 minutes after driving off, Farrell said.

“Mr. Ferrari was badly beaten by this defendant,” Farrell told the judge. He cataloged the injuries: 13 sharp-force injuries from the shovel, fracturing Ferrari’s skull. More injuries to Ferrari’s hands and arms and face.

And then Bolden dumped Ferrari’s body under trash and debris, and set a fire to conceal the crime. Bolden returned the next day to steal the colony’s security camera. He dropped the DVR, Farrell said, and police found it.

Farrell told the judge that Bolden lied to police several times, and claimed at one point in the case that his lethal rage was triggered by his girlfriend leaving.

Bolden’s lawyer, Larry Gold, asked McGuire to impose the negotiated sentence of 21 years to life.

Bolden acted out of rage, Gold acknowledged. But he has expressed remorse, said he can’t believe what he did to a good man and wished he could take it back.

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