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December 6, 2017 -- If convicted, taxpayers will likely cover the cost of their incarceration, including health care, for decades. 

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SAN LEANDRO (KPIX 5) — Two East Bay teenagers have been arrested for killing a man who was selling his iPhone X.

UPDATE 12/5: San Leandro Teen Admits Involvement In Fatal Shooting Over iPhone

The victim: Danny Carlos, a 32-year-old father from Redwood City.

The deal started on the ‘letgo’ app. What was supposed to be a quick sale turned into a robbery and eventually murder.

“Danny was doing everything right in regards to using the app,” said Alameda County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Ray Kelly.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials for the letgo app, where people can list items for sale similarly to Craigslist.

On Sunday, November 18th just after 1 p.m., Danny Carlos drove to a busy gas station in San Leandro to sell his iPhone 10.

He’d listed it for sale on the app.

Investigators say the two men who were supposed to buy the phone decided to rob him, and when something went wrong, they shot him. Carlos died instantly.

Kelly said, “He left behind a young daughter, a daughter that will grow up without her dad.”

Investigators were determined to find Carlos’ killers.

“This is good old-fashioned police work, with a little bit of technology involved,” Kelly said.

They got search warrants for the letgo servers and found out who Carlos was communicating with on the app.

That led detectives to 18-year-old Jordan Patton of San Francisco and 18-year-old Marcus Fortune of San Leandro. Both graduated from San Leandro High School in May.

“It’s pretty sad that we have two young people just starting out their lives, involved in what ultimately becomes a murder-robbery,” Kelly said.

Detectives say Fortune pulled the trigger and Patton drove the get-away car.

They say Patton had never been in trouble before, and was a football player at Chabot College in Hayward.

“When these people responsible for this look back on it over time they’re going to realize ‘wow, I took another person’s life for a phone.’”

Sgt. Kelly says Carlos’ family is relieved to know the two suspects are behind bars, but they still can’t understand it.

“Why they did this on this particular day will be a question we might never know the answer to,” Kelly said.

Both teenagers were formally charged Monday with murder.

They’re being held in the Alameda County jail without bail and will be arraigned Tuesday morning.


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