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December 19, 2017 -- And you thought Unite the Right was bothersome. 

A candlelight march is planned for Feb. 17 in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The annual march began in 2003 and commemorates the life of WWII General, Hristo Lukov.

The march is condemned by the far-left media as "xenophobic" in that participants generally oppose the invasion of Bulgaria by Muslims posing as refugees. 

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Bulgarian Interior Ministry: ‘Lukov March’ planned for February 2018 should be banned

The Sofia regional directorate of the Interior Ministry and Bulgaria’s National Protection Service have told the city municipality that they believe that the “Lukov March”, in honour of a Second World War pro-Nazi Bulgarian general, planned for February 17 2018 should be banned.

In calling for the ban, they cite the fact that the planned route involves streets and places to be used to transport and accommodation of delegates who will be in Sofia for events related to Bulgaria’s six-month hosting of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

According to Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Valentin Radev, a further reason is that, “in view of the complicated international situation because of the influx of migrants into Europe, the terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Turkey and Belgium, and the emergence of xenophobic manifestations in various parts of the world, the alleged involvement of persons with nationalist beliefes should described as having a high degree of public danger”.

This emerged from a written reply by Radev to a question from Movement for Rights and Freedoms MP Dzheyhan Ibryamov, tabled in Parliament earlier, and the subject of follow-up questions during the National Assembly’s November 24 sitting.

The Lukov March has been held annually since 2003, featuring a torchlight procession by dark-clad youths and the laying of wreaths at what was the home of General Hristo Lukov in Trakiya Street in central Sofia.

Organised by the far-right Bulgarian National Union and with the participation of the youth wing of the nationalist VMRO, the Lukov March has attracted the participation of neo-Nazi organisations from other parts of Europe who have come to Sofia especially for it.


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