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December 31, 2017

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Studies suggest Hmong living in America have IQs ranging from the low 70s to the low 90s with an average IQ ranging from of 80.5 to 88.4. Being raised in the United States had no affect on IQ scores. 

Another report stated that the Hmong have the lowest intelligence of East Asian ethnic groups. South Koreans, for example, have an average IQ of 106; Japanese, 105; Chinese, 105; and Taiwanese, 104.

Cultural Marxists and social engineers dismiss IQ testing as "hardcore racism" in spite of generations of empirical peer reviewed studies. Intelligence is the most reliable predictor of prosperity. That fact runs afoul of cultural Marxism that prefers to consign economic disparities to social injustice. 

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From humanvarieties.org ▼

Another study looked at 40 Hmong children in the rural Midwest (Smith et al, 1997 ). The average age was 10 years old and they had lived in the U.S., on average, for 8 years. So this sample was mostly raised in America. They were given the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III and the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test.

The WISC IQ of this sample was 81.2. Their K-BIT IQ was 79.8. Performance on the two tests had a correlation of .83. Children from homes that spoke both English and Hmong did not have higher performance than children from households that only used Hmong. However, verbal scores on both the K-BIT and the WISC were over 20 points lower than the performance scores, indicating extensive language deficits. The average IQ of this sample was 80.5, with a verbal IQ of 71.8 and a non-verbal IQ of 93.

One study looked at 56 Hmong children referred for special educational needs in Dunn County, Wisconsin (Preston, 1999 ). Each child was given four different IQ tests: The WISC-III, the K-BIT, the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence-3, and the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence. IQ on the WISC was 79.8, IQ on the K-BIT was 78.5, IQ on the TONI was 102.9, and IQ on the CTONI was 92.4. The average score for the four tests is 88.4.

From mirror.co.uk ▼

Shocking mobile phone footage captures party-goers wrestle on the floor, throw punches and use chairs as weapons.

Disappointed organisers say the Hmong New Year concert in Fresno, California - held five days before the new year - was marred by violence on Wednesday and have slammed the behaviour in the footage as "unacceptable".

In the short clip, yobs grapple on the floor before others smash chairs against other revellers.

Security staff try to intervene but the shocking melee quickly escalates into a violent brawl.

Beers can be seen on tables and police say alcohol was largely to blame for the fracas.

"If you see the video, you see they got overwhelmed pretty quickly," said Captain Mike Reid, of Fresno Police.

"This thing turned into a party, it turned into alcohol not controlled and once people get intoxicated, bad things happen and that’s what you saw.

"If someone uses a chair in an offensive manner, that could be an assault with a deadly weapon, potentially.

"We want to make sure if we can identify those individuals involved in that and look at future prosecutions of those people."


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