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December 23, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- But neither Shaka Zulu nor Genghis Khan will ever be portrayed by white men. 

White people must not be allowed to have a sense of culture; identity. 

Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that black people invented everything from square dancing to the electric light bulb. 

From Squawker ▼

Well here we go again. Over the past few months I’ve made repeated mention of the entertainment industries continued pandering to the Social Justice Warrior crowd as of late. With a seemingly endless new stream of shows with obvious Leftist political bias now set to arrive on screens next year. These including the likes of a Black Lives Matter based show to an alternative history program depicting an all-Black American nation. Not content with simply creating fictional history however, now Netflix in partnership with the BBC have decided it’s time to start changing the real thing.

Picture for a moment in your mind, the great mythological Greek hero Achilles. A strong handsome armor clad warrior is likely what you imagine. Possibly with the face of Brad Pitt even. What you are most certainly not picturing however is someone of African descent filling the role of this important figure in Western Civilization. That hasn’t stopped the BBC and Netflix however from viewing their new show Troy: Fall of a City, as a chance to reeducate their viewers on just what the ancient Greek world really looked like. See for yourself here below, the new 2018 version of Achilles. 

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  1. yeah negro's in history, "in a mud hut in africa". hollywood fantasy.


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