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December 31, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- There were about 100 fewer murders in Chicago this year over last year. Carjackings, however, have increased.

Let's predict: Donald Trump will be blamed for the increase in carjackings but not the decrease in homicides. 

When the media hyped the bogus black-lives-matter phenomenon in which police were demonized and, consequently, had to stand down in black communities; violent crime escalated resulting in a homicide spike. The media is complicit, in my opinion, for those spike in homicides. 

What the Klan couldn't and wouldn't do — vicariously massacre hundreds of blacks — the media did with impunity.

From Chicago Tribune ▼

Carjackings in Chicago surged to their highest number in at least 10 years, statistics show, a trend that has unnerved residents and visitors alike.

While much of the city’s attention was focused on the rise in shootings and homicides over the past two years, carjackings spiked in 2016, as numbers in other crime categories also rose.

This year, carjackings spiked even higher, hitting their largest tally in at least a decade, with 967 carjackings through Wednesday, according to Chicago Police Department statistics.

The city had 682 carjackings for all of 2016, more than double the tallies from each of the two previous years. The last year the city even approached 900 carjackings was in 2007, when 898 were recorded. Since then, the numbers dropped year over year until 2015.

While higher-profile violence such as shootings and homicides have been concentrated largely on the South and West sides, carjackers have struck throughout the city, including often in trendy neighborhoods and downtown. Victims included the son of former TV news anchor Robin Robinson and a Chicago Tribune reporter who was carjacked in a parking lot down the block from a South Side police station.

In these crimes, criminals use force to rob victims — often at gun or knifepoint — of their vehicles. Sometimes these vehicles are then used in drive-by shootings, smash-and-grab burglaries and other crimes. Other times the robbers might use the cars for joyriding before abandoning them.

One method that criminals have adopted to commit these crimes is known as the “bump-and-run” — when suspects driving in one car intentionally bump into another. When that motorist gets out and checks the damage, the suspects use force, often threatening the victim with a weapon, before jumping in and stealing the car.

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