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Hatred heaped on realist writer

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December 18, 2017 -- The first step is to make your mindset uncomfortable. Step two is to move your thoughts to a comfort zone. 

That appears to be the strategy behind demonizing moderate political views.

It's akin to turning up the heat in a room to unbearable temperatures. Those in the room will want to leave. 

To that end the far left has created "centrist privilege." Leftists turn up the heat by framing centrist views as "privileged." To escape the derogatory heat, centrists will move to the leftist  comfort zone. 

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Centrism is a privilege

Many progressives acknowledge the existence of privileges that counterbalance oppression. The most commonly referenced and recognizable is white privilege, which describes the benefits that white people, often unknowingly, receive from a society that can be discriminatory against racial minorities. Liberals and progressives can be quick to call attention to many privileges, but one that often goes unrecognized is centrist privilege.

In a political environment that receives criticism for polarization, it has become almost honorable to self-describe as a “moderate” or a “centrist.” While there is value in recognizing opposing viewpoints and reaching compromises, the Republican Party has become too conservative for this to be possible. This has created a situation in which liberals who follow the moderate, compromising path – as opposed to holding steadfast progressive values – quietly benefit from the struggles of countless Americans. 

Consider Obamacare, the foremost achievement of the Obama administration. Championed by the Democratic Party and fiercely defended by liberals during recent repeal efforts, it is often forgotten how the law came to be. Before it became the individual-mandate system precursed by Mitt Romney’s reforms as governor, candidate Barack Obama promised that his health care reform would be a “universal health care bill.”

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