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December 18, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- Why are they coming here? Why are "refugees" seeking "asylum" in Western nations?

The answer is simple: White people tend to be (a) intelligent, (b) innovative and (c) create wealth. 

Third-world non-whites want to be where the wealth is. And who can blame them? 

Notice there are no third-world white nations. Wherever white people settle, they create wealth. 

The problem is: Cultural thermodynamics occur when third-worlders arrive. Eventually they will overwhelm Western nations and the world will plunge into an unprecedented dark ages. And, of course, white racism will be blamed. 

Is America a nation of immigrants? Or a dumping ground for economic dependents? Is it a melting pot? Or a cesspool?

From The Guardian ▼

Second cohort of Nauru and Manus refugees to be resettled in US

Majority of refugees to be resettled in the new year are from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Nearly 200 refugees from Australia’s offshore detention islands of Nauru and Manus will be resettled in the United States in the new year.

But the newly-reinstated travel ban imposed by US president Donald Trump is excluding certain nationalities, including Iranians and Somalis, from resettlement.

Iranian refugees have been told the president’s executive order has meant “the United States government is currently undertaking an additional review of refugees resettlement from selected countries worldwide and will temporarily prioritise refugee applications from other countries”.

“This means that refugees processing from selected countries, including in your resettlement case, will occur at a slower pace.”

The Trump travel ban, reinstated by the US supreme court earlier this month, suspends the entry into the US of nationals from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela.

Iranians make up the largest cohort of refugees on both of Australia’s offshore processing centres.

The Guardian understands about 130 people from Nauru have been accepted to move to the US, and close to 60 from PNG.

The group will be the second cohort resettled under the US deal brokered in 2016, after 54 refugees went to the US in September.

The majority of refugees accepted for resettlement in the current group are from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and stateless Rohingyans from Myanmar and Bangladesh.

On Nauru, young men from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who arrived on the island as unaccompanied children but have since reached adulthood, have been accepted for resettlement. Some Iranian refugees have been rejected. Several families, from Iran and Sri Lanka, have also been rejected.


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