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December 9, 2017 -- Ah! Reminder of my years at a majority black high school fifty years ago. 

Nothing has changed in behavior. No, it's NOT getting worse as some contend. Rather, the proliferation of video devices coupled with the advent of the Internet is creating that illusion. 

This has always been the norm at majority black high schools. 

Notice the white arm at the bottom of a black mob in the screen shot below. 

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 Several students have been detained after a large fight broke out at West Mecklenburg High School on Thursday afternoon.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, a total of six students were arrested and charged with public array for their involvement in the fight.

One student was also charged with assault on a government official for pushing an officer. The officer was not injured.

One student sustained minor injures as a result of smashing a window during the fight with another student.

Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools released the following statement:

“CMS is committed to a safe learning environment at all of its campuses and the district takes any incident that threatens the safety and well-being of students and staff or disrupts the learning environment very seriously. Multiple fights occurred on the campus of West Mecklenburg High School today. Following CMS procedures, the West Mecklenburg campus was placed on lockdown and CMS PD and CMPD were called. Arrests were made by CMPD this afternoon and CMS PD and CMPD are investigating the incident. Students involved in today’s incident will be disciplined according to the CMS student code of conduct. Extra security will be on hand tomorrow at West Mecklenburg, and CMS will respond further and as needed to protect the safety and well-being of students and staff.”

CMPD says officers stayed at the school until regular dismissal as a safety precaution.


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