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December 7, 2017 -- Generally speaking, genocide of any people group violates the most sacred core values of human morality.

However, when the people group being targeted for extinction also happens to be that which has most enhanced the lives of all humanity, the offense becomes more significant. 

To literally add insult to injury, those who speak out against the genocide are stigmatized with false accusation of racism, white supremacy, and other hate terms and pejoratives. 

Case in point is a group Western activists, IDENTITY EVROPA.

The group recently draped a massive banner at an overpass at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. 

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On Tuesday, December 5, Identity Evropa activists dropped a massive banner at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Measuring ten feet tall and nearly two-hundred feet wide, the banner calls for putting America first and ending immigration.

For far too long American institutions have been used to benefit the interests of a globalist elite, rather than our people. Over the past decades, this elite has relentlessly pushed for open borders and mass immigration. This endeavor is nothing more than an attempt to import a new people, who are seen as more politically malleable than Americans – particularly those of European descent.

Identity Evropa stands opposed to all immigration – legal or illegal – that will alter America’s historic demographics. As such, we are calling on President Trump and Congress to put America first and end immigration.

Today, the people of Atlanta will go to the polls to vote in the mayoral runoff. Where will Atlanta’s next mayor stand on these issues?

If you’re interested in taking part in the struggle against globalism, we encourage you to join us!


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