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November 9, 2017 -- "To be fair, they were young enough where they may not have known how serious that is, because the Harbor has very strong currents," according to a witness. 

I can't recall a point in my life when I was too young to know one doesn't push people for sport. However, if in fact these "teens" (media code word for black thugs) were too immature to comprehend the folly of their violence, they are too immature to be roaming the streets in packs. 

These "teens" are likely low-IQ, village raised thugs. A recent report revealed that thirteen of Baltimore's 39 schools had zero students who were proficient in math. The phenomenon of black teens running in packs transcends geography and time leading us to conclude that it stems from a genetic trait not seen in other ethnic groups. 

Meanwhile, we are led to believe that white Americans have a horrific history of randomly assaulting blacks. While such white-on-black assault may have occurred, they were extremely rare; whereas black-on-white violence is an ongoing epidemic. 

The report casts doubt on a police investigation. Imagine that: An attempted murder took place in Boston. It was almost certainly capture by one or more CCTV security cameras that proliferate in high-crime neighborhoods. But police refused to investigate. Now, imagine the consequences had a gang of whites pushed a black jobber into the Inner Harbor. 

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A group of teens is accused of pushing a runner into the Inner Harbor Monday night.

FOX45's Paul Gessler talked to a witness who told him what he saw the teens doing as they ran away.

The witness says he saw the teenagers laughing as they ran away, moments after a runner claims they pushed him into the Harbor.

"I was rounding the corner when I saw the three youths running away," said Stephen Wancowicz.

"He was shivering, and it was so high out of the water, he couldn't pull himself out."

Wancowicz says another man jumepd a marina fence and helped him out.

The alleged victim says the three juveniles, who looked to be in their early teens, pushed him in the water.

"To be fair, they were young enough where they may not have known how serious that is, because the Harbor has very strong currents," said Wancowicz. "If the current sucks you under, you're not coming out."

Wancowicz says they tried calling 911 but they did not have an address to give the dispatcher.

He says the victim ran away to dry off, and Wancowicz was left to flag down police minutes later.

"They didn't even steal his cell phone. I don't think it was a robbery. I think it was for fun, just pushed him in the water," he said.

FOX45 reached out to Baltimore police to see if they even took a report of the incident, and, if so, whether they've made any arrests.

FOX45 had not heard back as of Tuesday afternoon.


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