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November 11, 2017 -- Is the NFL's hate America movement fizzling? 
Seattle Times Sports

NFL players seem to be opting for linked arms rather than taking a knee. The reason? Fans in the stands can join in "unity" with the players' hate for Donald Trump and, vicariously America, by linking arms. 

From The Daily Caller ▼

Michael Bennett Abandons National Anthem Protests — Stands To Honor The Troops

As tensions over the national anthem continue to mount, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett decided to abandon his protests and take a stand before last night’s game.

Bennett has been one of the faces of social justice advocacy in the NFL.

But when the Seahawks played the Arizona cardinals during the Salute For Service game Thursday night, Bennett stood for the Star Spangled Banner. Viewers definitely took notice that the longtime protester actually linked arms with his teammates rather than kneeling during the anthem.

On Wednesday, Bennett had hinted that he might stand for the anthem with Veterans Day coming up this weekend. His father, Bennett Sr,  is a Navy veteran and has expressed solidarity with his son’s protest for criminal justice reform.

“I joined the military so people like Michael and Martellus and whoever else out there can take a knee or make a stand, peacefully, and get their point across and not be ridiculed. I lose all respect for people if you really can’t see what’s going on in your own country that you live in everyday.  People don’t care about people. They care about animals and they care about people that look like they look,” Bennett Sr. told Sports Illustrated in September.

Some people saw this as proof that anthem protests aren’t disrespectful.


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  1. Kneeling...linked arms...doesn't matter anymore to many of us. These Negroes, like so many thousands and thousands across this country have shown their asses a few too many times. WE'RE DONE.