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November 2, 2017 -- The concept of free speech is foreign to persons who have been radicalized by thought reform. 

Next time a liberal lectures you about hate and intolerance, remember this...

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Columbia College Republicans Under Investigation After Inviting Conservative Speakers

The Columbia University College Republicans are under investigation for discrimination and harassment after the school’s student government voted to report the group to the Student Conduct Office Sunday.

The Columbia College Student Council passed a resolution Sunday night to file the report against CUCR due to their past invitations to speakers like Tommy Robinson and Mike Cernovich. 
Notably, the resolution was created following Black Students Organization leader Braxton Gutner’s demand that the organization be defunded, according to the Columbia Spectator.

The student called on his peers to sign a petition, titled “Columbia Coalition Against White Supremacy,” requesting the university to “deem CUCR ineligible to receive [funding],” and to “redistribute” CUCR funding to “self-identified Muslim groups,” and “people of color focused groups.”

Student government officials did not tend directly to Gutner’s demands for the organization to be defunded; however they did file a complaint to the Student Conduct Office regarding “discrimination and harassment.” CUCR president Ari Boosalis says this process has been like being investigated for “thought-crime,” according to Campus Reform.

In an interview with Campus Reform, the student said that “this is a direct attack on our existence,” adding that “they’re doing it because we think differently.”

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