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November 10, 2017 -- What you need to know is: Marxist consider truth to be racist. Therefore, when Jacques Pauw was called "white trash" (a racist slur, btw) by black musician Ntsiki Mazwai, we should consider that a testimony to the veracity of Pauw's book. 

Mazwai said she only read one page of the book. Her perception was based on that alone, she admitted. 

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The State Security Agency confirmed on Thursday that an investigation is underway into the possible leaking of classified information in the book.

JOHANNESBURG - Investigative journalist Jacques Pauw says he’s meeting his legal team on Friday to prepare for any eventuality following confirmation of a Hawks investigation related to his book The President’s Keepers.

The State Security Agency confirmed on Thursday that an investigation is underway into the possible leaking of classified information in the book.

It contains serious allegations against South African Revenue Service (Sars) and claims that President Jacob Zuma is a tax evader.

The second leg of the launch of Pauw’s book went ahead without incident on Thursday night in Pretoria. 

Pauw says that no charge has been laid against him despite State Security Agency stating the contrary.

“Despite what the State Security Agency said that they laid a charge against me, the Hawks said no it’s not a charge, it’s only a complaint.”

He says that a move to charge him under the Intelligence Services Act will just prove the book's contents to be true.

Pauw laughed off the SSA’s threats to charge him, saying that they were idiocy.

Meanwhile, the State Security Agency says it’s still exploring its options over whether to proceed with a court interdict to take Pauw’s book off the shelves.

The agency has opened criminal cases against the author and the book's publisher.

The Hawks are investigating a possible leak of classified information but no one has been charged at this stage.

The State Security Agency’s Brian Dube says: "The agency is considering a number of legal options available to it, so that will be determined as time goes."

Speaking at the launch of the book at a Pretoria mall on Thursday, former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan lauded Pauw, saying that South Africa needs more people like him to help tackle corruption.


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