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November 1, 2017 -- Somehow, globalists need to convince us to feel good about the destruction of our culture. Their sales pitch follows this pattern: If you don't welcome members of the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group — Islam — you're a Nazi. 

I wonder: Why do globalists want us to learn to love Muslims, but not Nazis? Why do they want our children to play and eat with little Muslim children, but not with little Nazi children? Are they Naziphobes? 

The answer is obvious: It has nothing to do with learning to love. It has everything to do with the destruction of Western culture. 

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Stephen Bauman, a former CEO of World Relief, one of nine federal resettlement contractors*** (paid by the head to place refugees in towns that are kept in the dark about the resettlement process) was speaking to an interfaith gathering in North Carolina recently when he said some annoying things.

We love refugees, but regular ol’ Americans obviously not so much!

The one that really got me is the one about needing refugees to teach us how to love. 

What the heck, what’s wrong with loving the neighbors in your own town, the low income Americans of all colors who are suffering.  In fact the first question I get when someone first learns about refugee resettlement is:

We have our own poor people why aren’t we taking care of them first?

Here is the story from Baptist News Global:

America needs refugees as much as refugees need places like America, says Stephan Bauman, former president and CEO of World Relief, which has helped to resettle thousands of desperate wanderers.

Bauman addressed refugees and volunteers who have helped to make them at home during a “refugee welcome” event attended by more than 350 at Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., Oct. 21. In the past two years, Knollwood has helped to settle four refugee families — three of them in partnership with Temple Emanuel, a Jewish community in the city. Their resettled families have been Muslim.

On a warm, bright fall Saturday a colorful international contingent of children played soccer and Frisbee, painted faces and slid down inflatable attractions in the parking lot while their parents ate and conversed with new friends from their various countries of origin, and with volunteers who have become like family.

Organizer Diane Lipsett said it’s important for children from different lands to play and eat together and for local children to see nothing abnormal about a woman in hijab. “We’re just making it a part of what happens in your church parking lot,” she said.

While other such relationship building events are not unique, organizer Diane Lipsett said this event paid special attention to why helping refugees “matters to our faith.” She led panel discussions with volunteers from three faiths, and had the entire discussion translated into both Arabic and Swahili so refugees primarily from Syria and the Congo would be fully integrated.

Bauman, who this year became executive director of Cornerstone Trust, a grant management firm in Grand Rapids, Mich., said America needs refugees “so we can love one another, because we don’t naturally love each other.” The common task of service for others induces us to drop our regard for differences.

Resettling refugees, sometimes those from countries not friendly to the United States, shows us “how to love our enemies,” Bauman said. He said that Franklin Roosevelt’s greatest regret was turning refugees away when Europe was falling under the scourge of Nazism.


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  1. I'll choose "Nazis" any day of the week over moozlums... or any of the other INVADERS of each and EVERY formerly White-majority country!!!

  2. Both persons in this story are jews. How do jews keep popping up in these stories of re-settling hundreds of thousands of Third-World peasants in the U.S.?