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November 19, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- Here's a crime against a woman that will surely be ignored by "feminists." 

And by the national media. 

From wsfa.com ▼

Judge 'stunned by brutality' in murder of 92-year-old woman

Warning, graphic information is included in this story, which may not be appropriate for all readers. 

Montgomery District Judge Troy Massey said Friday he was, “stunned by the brutality” involved in the murder of 92-year-old Mary Lou Gedel.

Defendant, Rodney McQueen, appeared before Massey for a preliminary hearing, where Detective G. Naquin testified that McQueen’s DNA was on Gedel’s back door, and throughout her home.

On October second, Gedel’s friend went to her house after she missed several events, and didn’t answer her phone. While they didn’t get a response at the door, they observed the back door was forced open and called police. 

Naquin testified that police found Gedel sitting in a chair with ‘massive’ facial and head injuries, beaten with a tall brass lamp and beer bottles, and stabbed.

“The lamp was caved in on all sides and had been ripped from the wall in the living room”, said Naquin, citing the cord and plug still connected to the outlet in another room.

Naquin testified that fragments from the broken beer bottles and plastic wrappers were embedded in Gedel’s skull. One of the victim’s ears had been cut off and was on the floor. 

The Alabama Department of Forensics ran the DNA found at a busted window on the back door, and other blood samples were taken throughout the house through the DNA database, CODIS, or Combined DNA Index System. The blood samples matched McQueen’s DNA profile, which was already in the system from a prior crime or from serving time with the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Gedel’s house was ransacked according to Naquin, littered with beer bottles, and her jewelry had been rifled through and strewn throughout the house. Investigators found jewelry near the fence on Gedel’s property, along with blood on the fence with a DNA profile that matched McQueen’s. 

Naquin said that police were unable to locate the victim’s cell phone in the house. When dialing the number, a man answered, who later confirmed by photo that he received the phone and some jewelry from McQueen. 

When McQueen was arrested, Naquin testified that he interviewed the defendant, who denied ever going to the victim’s house and committing the murder.  Naquin said after he told McQueen that his DNA was located at the crime scene, McQueen asked for an attorney. 

Naquin began photographing injuries on McQueen’s arms that were consistent with the scratches and cuts that would stem from breaking through the glass window on the victim’s back door.  That’s when the defendant told Naquin he would tell him what happened if he could smoke a cigarette.

Naquin testified that McQueen said that he was ‘mental and on drugs’, but remembered walking past the house in question on Thursday with jewelry and a pink phone. 

During the hearing, McQueen made an outburst while Naquin was testifying about the DNA matching McQueen’s profile. The defendant’s head was lowered while the detective described the injuries that ended Gedel’s life. 

When pressed by the defense, Naquin stated evidence didn’t indicate anyone else was in Gedel’s house with McQueen, ruling out additional suspects.

The defense requested a bond to be set for McQueen, stating he grew up in Montgomery and had family in the city. 

Prosecutor Ben McGough immediately argued against the motion for bond, citing multiple criminal cases against McQueen, dating back to 2009.

Judge Massey found probable cause of McQueen’s involvement in the crime, and bound the case over to be considered by a grand jury, and denied McQueen’s bond request. 

Gedel didn’t have any living relatives, but several friends attended Friday’s hearing. Gedel was an active member of MACOA and her church in Montgomery

McQueen is charged with capital murder-robbery and capital murder-burglary.


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