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November 9, 2017 -- A fake woman won a seat in Virginia's state legislature. That's a first. 

It may be a harbinger for things to come as the majority of virtually every non-white ethnic group supports the Democratic Party. 

No wonder the left embraces massive immigration from non-white nations. 

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Danica Roem, a transgender woman whose defeat of an outspoken, socially conservative lawmaker has made news around the world, is just one of several women making history in this week’s Virginia elections.

The state House is also getting its first Latina members, its first Asian-American woman delegate and its first openly lesbian member.

Altogether, at least 11 new Democratic women will be joining the 100-person House, which previously had only 17 female members. With three races still too close to call Thursday, that number could still increase by one. Observers say the new diversity could represent a sea change for the chamber, control of which was still up in the air Thursday.

“The General Assembly will truly look more like this state than ever before,” said Julie Copeland, executive director of Emerge Virginia, which helps prepare Democratic women to run for office and trained nine of the winners.

Among Emerge’s trainees are Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, who will be the first Latina members of the House, representing northern Virginia districts. Though the state’s population is about 9 percent Hispanic, the House currently has only one Latino delegate. Both Guzman and Ayala unseated incumbents.

Kathy Tran, who defeated Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak to win an open northern Virginia seat, will be the first Asian-American woman delegate. Dawn Adams became the first openly lesbian state lawmaker Thursday after she was declared the winner of a Richmond-area district over the Republican incumbent, G.M. “Manoli” Loupassi. Loupassi conceded defeat Tuesday, but The Associated Press did not declare Adams the winner until Thursday.

Charniele Herring, chairwoman of the House Democratic Caucus, said the diversity will play out during the legislative session on issues like health care and paid family leave.

“We’re looking forward to making progress on these issues with a more diverse chamber,” she said.

Roem said that with Democrat Ralph Northam in the governor’s mansion and what may be a Democratic majority in the House, lawmakers shouldn’t even think about introducing discriminatory legislation.

“Don’t bother,” she said. “Don’t even try. It will be dead on arrival.”


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