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November 22, 2017 -- The brains of about one-third of America's millennials have been infected by the cultural Marxism virus that causes them to believe complimenting a woman's appearance constitutes harassment. 

The predicted outcome will be fewer babies born to Westerners. 

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It seems we have launched into a full-blown epidemic of sexual misconduct in the short time since the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced. Roy Moore, Al Franken, and Charlie Rose are only a few of the individuals who have been outed as allegedly treating women inappropriately in the last several decades.

Hearing these accounts is alarming. No woman wants to be treated in such a way by a member of the opposite sex.

At the same time, however, it’s a bit troublesome to see how these unfortunate circumstances are creating a wall between the sexes. In a sense, both seem to have become so guarded that they are no longer able to interact with one another in a civil, mannerly fashion.

This nagging thought came into sharper focus with a recent chart produced by The Economist. Surveying five different countries, respondents were asked if they viewed certain conduct as sexual harassment.

Some examples (such as requesting a sexual favor) were obviously inappropriate, and were classified as such across all countries.

The question that I found most interesting, however, is the one which asked if a comment on a woman’s attractiveness can be classified as sexual harassment. Although many respondents gave a negative answer, those answering in the U.S. were a different matter. Roughly a third of younger individuals thought such treatment can be classified as sexual harassment.


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