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November 26, 2017 -- Let's distract the nation's attention away from black-on-black homicide by pretending there is an epidemic of cops blasting away at hands-up-don't-shoot black kids. 

Maybe we can recruit some black NFL players to patrol crime-ridden black neighborhoods. On their knees. 

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Shuri Henry loved the city that killed her.

A lifelong Newark activist who vowed to clean up the crime ravaged community was murdered last week before she ever got the chance.

“This is the very thing that she fought against,” Henry’s best friend Desiree Love, 39, told The Post through tears. “She would say all the time, ‘I love my city.’ She said she wasn’t giving up on her city.”

Henry was returning to her South 20th Street home Thanksgiving night with her young nephew in tow, when she allegedly encountered 18-year-old Supreme Allah Jr., and his 14-year-old cohort.

The teens had been trolling the block for hours, neighbors said.

As Henry made her way inside, Allah and the 14-year-old allegedly gunned her down and took off in her 2015 Kia Sorrento, police said.

“Those boys that took her life, she wanted them to be better,” Love said. “She wanted this to stop.”

Henry was set to co-host a community meeting on violence Thursday.

Henry’s neighbor, Devon Wright, 55, was watching a football game Thanksgiving night when he heard a loud bang outside.

“I came out in my long johns and socks and I see her lying face down,” Wright told The Post.

Wright and other neighbors had noticed the teens scouring the street hours before they allegedly killed Henry.

Henry’s nephew was unharmed, but the boy’s family fears for his safety, according to Henry’s friend, Newark district leader Lyndon Brown.

“People thought it was odd and asked what they were looking for because they weren’t from the block,” said Brown. “We have no idea who these guys are or if they were involved with a gang. His safety is the family’s priority.”

Henry’s mother, also a community activist, died two months ago, friends said.

The 40-year-old Rutgers University grad, who loved to read and travel, worked on Phil Murphy’s campaign for New Jersey governor. She was pronounced dead University Hospital, reported.

Allah Jr., 18, and the younger 14-year-old were caught in Henry’s car a few hours after the killing, police said. The pair were charged with murder, robbery and carjacking. Another suspect, Antonio Torres, 20, was charged with eluding the police.

Family and friends have vowed to uphold Henry’s legacy.

“She tried to be a big voice, and if she couldn’t do it in life, [in] death [her voice] will be loud and clear,” said Love.

“She will not be silenced. She did not die in vain.”


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