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October 22, 2017 -- On this one point I side with the orthodox Jews: Government conscription violates a fundamental human right; freedom. 

Had Hitler's Wehrmacht kicked Jews into submission, he would have been called a "Nazi". (Yes, that's a joke.)

Had European slave traders conscripted Africans as warrior slaves, they would have been condemned for human rights violations. (No, that's not a joke. Actually, Muslims were central to enslaving black Africans as warriors for 1400 years.)

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Female Israeli soldier uses martial arts to fight off crowd of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators as they call her a 'wh***'

Female soldier fights off a crowd of Jewish ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protesters

Comes after two yeshiva students arrested after military service disagreement

Footage shows Nomi Golan fending off the baying crowd with karate kicks

The clip has sparked a major discussion in Israel in mainstream media channels

A fearless female soldier put her martial arts training to good use when she fought off dozens of Jewish ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protesters during a rally in Jerusalem.

Off-duty soldier Nomi Golan fended off a baying crowd of protesters, demonstrating against the arrest of two yeshiva students who refused to show up to the military recruitment office.

Using a series of expert karate kicks and chops, Golan held back the violent rabble who were preventing a car from driving up a street.

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