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October 22, 2017

DAILYKENN.com -- Tribal warfare in Sacramento, California. 

It's as if a tribe of savages was airlifted from sub-Saharan Africa and dropped in the heart of California. 

One would think after generations of exposure to Western culture, these savages would assimilate. 

Here's the video link from Live Link ► if you care to watch it.

It graphically explains why privileged white liberals flee urban areas to gated communities (called "white ghettos") where they can safely pretend to oppose racism. 

Google's terms of service won't let me post the video of a young black man being savagely beaten and stripped naked by the "brothers." The presumption is the victim is a member of a rival tribe, er, uh, gang. Then, again, he may be an intelligent and articulate black man who dared venture into a no-go zone. 

Meanwhile, the MSM informs us that blacks are suffering from white privilege and micro-aggressions. 

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