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October 23, 2017 -- Weekend hate group score: 

Islam: 43 dead
and 17 wounded

Klan: 0 dead
and 0 wounded. 

And virtually all the victims of Islam were "people of color."

Make you wonder why the left has us wringing hands over white nationalist "hate groups" while embracing Islam and stigmatizing those who oppose it as Islamophobes. 

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2017.10.22SomaliaDaniga73Seven women farmers are reduced to a bloody mess by an Islamist bomb attack on their minibus.
2017.10.22AfghanistanTaluqan28Two people at a hotel are exterminated by Taliban shrapnel.
2017.10.22IndiaTral11Brave Jaish-e-Mohammad shoot an 18-year-old woman to death in her home.
2017.10.21IraqHammam al-Alil30A woman and her two son are slaughtered in their home by the Islamic State.
2017.10.21IraqSinjar20Islamic militants booby-trap a home, killing two residents.
2017.10.21PakistanDarmangi10Suspected fundamentalists slit the throat of a transgender person.
2017.10.21AfghanistanKabul154A suicide bomber on foot targets a bus, killing fifteen passengers.
2017.10.21NigerAyorou135Islamists fire RPGs and heavy machine-guns into a group of police, killing thirteen.

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