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October 22, 2017

Why I don't trust church people

Faith comes by hearing

Language loading: List of words and phrases used by cultural Marxism

A key component of thought reform

8 thought reform strategies of cultural Marxism

Identical to religious cult mind control

Race relativism is BS

Denying reality is a dangerous proposition

Largest city in African America gets $88 million for . . .

Marx: Accuse your enemies of what you do

Unveiling a psychopath 

For those who have been victimized by psychopaths

The high cost of white crime

They steal from you every week and there's nothing you can do

Overground railroad: A call for open borders

No one should be forced to live under the oppression of white privilege

Are we too nice? 

Empathy allows independent-minded white people to be cohesive without government force

Donald Trump is EXACTLY like Hitler?

t's a false equivalence that betrays liberal hypocrisy 


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