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October 5, 2017 -- Betsy Devos was demonized as a white supremacist because she advocates school choice. 

The far left interprets everything it doesn't like as "racist".

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HARVARD STUDENTS CALL DEVOS A ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’ FOR SUPPORTING SCHOOL CHOICE OCTOBER 2, 2017 Education Secrety Betsy DeVos’s talk about school choice at Harvard University was interrupted by students criticizing her as a “white supremacist” who will (somehow) benefit from the school choice program. School choice is a policy reform that seeks to improve primary and secondary education in the U.S. by offering vouchers to students to attend their choice of public or private schools. The program aims to incentivize the free market into picking up the public education system’s slack. DeVos was invited to give her speech on school choice policies by the university’s Institute of Politics. The ongoing debate about the merits of “school choice” centers on K-12, rather than higher education, but the overwhelmingly positive results from private universities – the top four universities in the world are reported to be private schools in the U.S. – provide a compelling case for the policy all the same. Harvard, one of the most prestigious private universities in the U.S., is in third place on that list. Nevertheless, DeVos’ recent appearance at Harvard drew ire from students, who temporarily interrupted the forum with shouting and laughter. Students were carrying banners casting DeVos as a “white supremacist”, as well as vocally criticizing DeVos for her wealth, suggesting that her school choice policies are based on personal financial interests, asking, “How much do you expect your net worth to increase as a result of this?” DeVos was recently in headlines for paying the costs of her travel personally, rather than allowing taxpayers pick up the tab. During the speech, regarding the failings of the U.S. education system, DeVos rhetorically asked, “More funding – does that fix the problem?”, to which the protesting students shouted “yes”, and began to applause. However, the U.S. ranks close to the top on the UN’s “Education Index”, which means that Americans are getting as many, or more years of schooling than most of the world, while the academic performance in the U.S. is significantly below countries with lower Education Index scores. Despite the poor performance, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States spends 28 percent more per student than the average, at roughly $11,800, compared to $9,200. Similarly, as a percent of GDP, the U.S. is behind only four other countries. With the nation outspending much of the world on education, while performing worse than much of the world, it seems worth exploring the possibility that school choice might succeed where government spending has not.

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