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October 8, 2017 -- Christopher Columbus sparked the phenomenon that allowed American ingenuity to enhance the lives of everyone, everywhere. 
Chicago Tribune

Before Columbus Indians lived in abject poverty and massacred each other. Columbus brought them prosperity and, ultimately, ended inter-tribal warfare. 

Nonetheless, his memory was disrespected by vandals. 

Is this a hate crime? 

Apparently the vandals hate Western culture. 

From Chicago Tribune ▼

A 30-year-old man has been arrested after defacing a Christopher Columbus statue early Saturday in the Little Italy neighborhood on the Near West Side, Chicago police said.

Shortly after midnight, three males were spotted defacing the statue in Arrigo Park, 801 S. Loomis St., police said.

When someone confronted them, they sped away on bicycles, but one tumbled off his bike and was held by the witness until Monroe District police officers got there and placed the 30-year-old under arrest, police said.

Criminal damage charges are pending.

Columbus Day is Monday.

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