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October 11, 2017 -- East Asians and whites excel. Hispanics fall behind and blacks lag even further. That is the problem currently encountered by school officials in Buffalo, New York. It is also a global phenomenon that transcends time. Sub-Saharan Africa trailed the rest of the world in technological advancement for countless millennia. 

There is a reason: Disparity. 

The disparity does not lie in social inequality, but in IQ variations. Aggregated, East Asians have higher IQs than whites who have higher IQs than Hispanics who have higher IQs that blacks. 

From Buffalo News ▼

Public input sought on fixing racial disparities at City Honors

The Buffalo school system hasn't quite figured out how to address the racial disparities at its top-performing school.

The next step?

Ask the public.

The school district is hosting three public meetings during October seeking community input on "improving racial and ethnic diversity at its criteria-based schools" - most notably City Honors School.

“We’re asking community members to bring forward a concrete idea and solution," said Will Keresztes, chief of intergovernmental affairs, planning and community engagement for the Buffalo Public Schools.  "It’s a meaningful opportunity for stakeholders to talk one on one with a staff member and have their specific recommendation shared with the board and superintendent.”

African-American students comprise 48.5 percent of the enrollment in grades 5 through 12 across the district this year, compared to 16.4 percent at City Honors. Likewise, Hispanic students make up 8.5 percent of the enrollment at the school on East North Street, while their proportion of the overall student body in those grades is nearly double that.

Two years of altering the admissions process at City Honors has done nothing to correct the disproportionately low number of black and Hispanic students at the school, and the district - forced to address the issue after a complaint was filed with the U.S. Department of Education - faces some hard decisions on how next to proceed.

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