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October 9, 2017 -- 103 "people of color" were massacred by Muslims last week. 

Meanwhile, the far left continues to pretend it is the defender of non-white people even as it embraces Islam. 

Islam — the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group — also killed two white people in France. That attack made international headlines.

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2017.10.07Saudi ArabiaJeddah23An extremist kills two guards outside a palace, who foil a suicide attack.
2017.10.07IraqAbu Ghraib28A bomb at a market leaves two dead.
2017.10.07AfghanistanDand-e Ghori21Sunni fundamentalists fire automatic weapons into a checkpoint, killing two police.
2017.10.06Saudi Arabiaal Ardah10A laborer is killed on the job by Shiite militia.
2017.10.06YemenAbyan47An al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills four security personnel.
2017.10.06PakistanKhushab32Three innocent people are killed in a suspected Lashkar-i-Jhangvi firing.
2017.10.06SudanKabkabiya10Islamic militia fire on a market, killing a guard.
2017.10.06MozambiqueMocimboa de Praia2Islamic radicals attack police stations, killing two members.
2017.10.06IndiaTral10Islamic separatists open fire on a soft target, killing a civilian.
2017.10.05SudanMellit10An ambulance driver is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2017.10.05SyriaQusour150Three children are among fifteen civilians torn to shreds by an ISIS rocket attack on their neighborhood.
2017.10.05PakistanJhal Magsi2425A suicide bomber goes off at a Sufi shrine, killing two dozen, including five children.
2017.10.05SomaliaBosaso12A businessman is shot to death at a coffee shop by Islamic extremists.
2017.10.04IraqHussayneyah24Two Iraqis are blown to bits by Mujahid car bombers.
2017.10.04LibyaMisrata440An Islamic State suicide bomber detonates at a court complex, killing four.
2017.10.04NigerTillabéri92Four Americans are among nine members of a security patrol killed during an ambush by Islamic militants.
2017.10.04IsraelKfar Qassem10A Jewish man is beaten to death at his factory by Palestinians.
2017.10.03PakistanYazman10A young women is honor killed with an axe for marrying against her family's wishes.
2017.10.03IraqFallujah30A woman is among three residents killed in their own homes by ISIS bombs.
2017.10.03IndiaSrinagar12Fedayeen stage a suicide attack near an airport, killing a guard.
2017.10.02IraqQaim20Two young people are executed for 'apostasy' by the caliphate.
2017.10.02IndiaPadgampora10Religious extremists barge into a house a shoot a man to death in cold blood.
2017.10.02PakistanMalam Jabba12A bomb planted by religious radicals claims the life of a villager.
2017.10.02SyriaDamscus1720Two Shahid suicide bombers slaughter seventeen.
2017.10.01RussiaTetkino10Muslim terrorists murder a border guard.
2017.10.01SudanZalingei19Islamic milita fire into a displaced persons camp, killing at least one refugee.
2017.10.01FranceMarseille20A man shouting praises to Allah slits the throat of one women and stabs another to death.

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