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September 19, 2017 -- Is this a set up? The number of conservative men being discredited by accusations of overboard promiscuity in recent years seems epidemic. 

Enter Scottie Nell Hughes.

The blonde conservative and well-known Trump supporter has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Fox news presenter Charles Payne of rape. 

It's the latest in a string of accusations hampering the influence of conservative men including...

Bill Cosby
Roger Ailes
Bill O'Reilly
Eric Bolling
Charles Payne

Even Sean Hannity weathered a shot at his moral integrity. 

I see one of three options:

First. Was Hughes a troll from the onset; an undercover setup to discredit the integrity of a testosterone endowed conservative male? 

Second. Did Hughes fell prey to the temptation to gain ego-stroking spotlight attention and — who knows — a basket full of unmarked thousand-dollar bank notes? 

Third. Was she the actual victim of unwanted sexual advances while she innocently accompanied Payne to some sequestered hideaway apparently unaware of her potentially compromising position?

Other possibilities? Maybe. 

Meanwhile, we can chalk up another mark in the ongoing count of conservative males discredited by alleged sexual assaults. 

Oh. About Cosby. 

While Bill Cosby may not be the Republican garden variety conservative, he likely would have poked gaping holes in the cultural Marxism narrative of victimization during the Michael Brown debacle. 

It appears there was a row of accusers, lined up and ready to spiel on cue to destroy Cosby's squeaky-clean, Huxstable image. 

That's not to declare his innocence. Rather, it is to note that such philandering is common among Hollywood types; and has been for generations. 

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