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July 24, 2017 -- Reports say that hiring quotas will be imposed in Asheville, North Carolina to balance the workforce by race and gender. 

That presents a problem. 

Cultural Marxists believe race is a social construct; that it doesn't exist. If that be true, then race quotas are moot. There is, they say, only one race: The human race. If all employees of Asheville are humans (save a few police K-9s), the question of race becomes an non sequitur. 

What's more, balancing the workforce along gender lines will be challenging. Leftists have adopted the scared science that gender is a matter of choice and can be changed on a whim. What's more, there are scores of gender variations with the pantheon of sex types recognized by cultural Marxism. We wonder how the city will cope.

Problems the city can expect to encounter: 

First, the city will necessarily recruit less qualified workers to achieve parity. 

Second, it may have to create pointless jobs with important-sounding titles. 

Third, unqualified workers will result in less efficient government. 

Fourth, white flight will almost certainly ensue reducing the city's tax base and eroding service that will lead to more white flight. 

Fifth, the resulting depressed economy will drive away businesses.

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