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July 30, 2017 -- Calls for an all-white ethno state continue to grow. The primary obstacle seems to be the human propensity for infighting.

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  1. Hello Kenn

    In answer to your question for a new name for an all-white nation, I must inform you that we already have a name. Europe is the home of the Caucasoid peoples and we have renamed it Caucasoidia.

    The origins of the Caucasoid peoples, is Europe, so anyone whose heritage originates from Europe hails from Caucasoidia.

    Scientifically speaking, there are only three species of human being and they originated in three different continents Caucasoid (European); Negroid (African); and Mongoloid (Asian).

    Therefore, we have chosen to rename Europe as Caucasoidia and the oldest evidence of a nation in Caucasoidia was found in Great Britain (sometimes erroneously referred to as the "youkay").

    That evidence is of a nation that existed 33,000 years ago, which makes us Britons amongst the oldest indigenous peoples in the world.

    Our blood and heritage can be traced back 33,000 years, at the very least, which means that we have occupied the British Isles for twice as long as the North American Indians have been in America and over forty times (32,000 years) longer than the Maoris have been in New Zealand.

    The indigenous Caucasoid peoples of the British Isles claim indigenous status for Caucasoid peoples everywhere. Other Caucasoid peoples should join our quest to save our peoples from extinction, due to the enforced immigration of Negroid and Mongoloid peoples into our land - Caucasoidia.

    Names come about through constant use and we recommend that other Caucasoid peoples rename their countries in a similar way to us....

    The British Isles of Caucasoidia