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Give me one good reason to say, "NO!!!"

June 14, 2017 -- Merkel wants us to reach out to the world community and build relationships, not walls. 

There is a problem. 

America has tried reaching out to other nations via economic and health care aid, technology, and military support. In fact, no nation has ever been so generous as the United States. 

Merkel's suggestion is akin to reaching out to neighborhood thugs rather than locking one's doors at night. While reaching out may be admirable, the prospect of placating every thug in the neighborhood is impossible. What's more, building relationships with potential burglars does not preclude locking one's doors until the threat is totally eradicated. 

We all lock our doors at night to keep out burglars; people who don't belong in our home and come in illegally. Nations also lock their door to keep out illegal aliens. This practice is anathema to globalists who prefer a unified world government. To that end, globalist and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, visited Mexico where she condemned Trump's wall.

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