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June 28, 2017 -- Harry Potter? No. The wands aren't magic; at least not in the conventional meaning of the term. Rather, they are metal detectors. 

Welcome to 21st century Londonstan. 

The mayor of that city ordered the wands for his city's government schools. It seems knife attacks in London have gotten out of hand. 

Not that London was immune from slashers prior to the Islamic invasion. There was that Jack the Ripper thingy in the 19th century. 

However, the knife violence is London has escalated from one bloody attack every century or so to three in recent weeks. 

There are solutions that, in my humble opinion, transcend arming school officials with metal detectors. The first solution is deport all adherents to the Religion of Peace. The second solution is to refuse entry into the country by any and all Muslims. Will that happen? Of course not. But its not as unthinkable as one my presume.

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