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June 28, 2017 -- Karma?

A Tennessee pastor proposed the Southern Baptist Convention condemn the alt-right and all forms or white nationalism and white supremacy. 

No problem there. 

The problems are:

First, the beloved pastor was not being inclusive. His rant focused only on white racists. (BTW, not all white nationalists are racist. If you're white and not a globalist, you're a white nationalist.)

Second, the minister wholly ignored generations of black-on-white violence that far out paces white on black violence. I call that lying by omission. 

The day of reckoning came as Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee was hosting a fireworks display. The church, mind you, is categorized a mega-church and is the home to thousands of parishioners. The fireworks was a city-wide event. 

Enter hordes of invading black youths; think 1940s Tarzan movie. Church folk were given a practical sermon on why the alt-right exists. That's not a blanket endorsement of the alt-right, but were it not for anti-white racism, bias, and violence, the movement would be moot. 

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