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Saturday Night Movies
Black Friday (1940)

There was a time when movies were entertaining rather than indoctrinating. No nudity, no profanity, no cultural Marxism, and no forced diversity. The casts were nearly all white and the cars were in pristine condition. Men were men. women were women. Revisit the time when america was great.

May 28, 2017 -- Two social justice warriors were fatally stabbed after objecting to a man criticizing a women wearing a Klan robe, er, uh, hijab. 

You've seen the popular TV show, What Would You Do? An obnoxious white guy torments a helpless victim who is wearing a Klan hood and robe, er, uh, hijab. A hero intervenes — nearly always another white person — and the lessen is learned. Non-whites — particularly Muslims — are a protected class. Shame is heaped on those who happen to be aware of the fact that Islam is the worlds oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group with over 30,800 documented terrorist attacks to its credit since 9-11-2001.

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