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May 24, 2017

By Kenn Gividen

Kenn's Law #188 

Cultural Marxist strategy: They camouflage their HATE by pretending it's FEAR.

A friend was recently kicked out of a café in New Orleans. The owner asked him to leave and never return. 

My friend was stunned when the owner explained his actions: "My employees fear you," he said. 

My friend was a regular patron of the restaurant and had developed a friendly rapport with the employees. 

Something had changed. 

My friend was a vociferous supporter of defending Confederate monuments in New Orleans. He was interviewed numerous times by local news outlets. The employees at the café, of course, recognized him when they saw and heard him on local television newscasts. 

They hated him because of his patriotism. These hate-filled bigots wanted him kicked out of the café. However, rather than admit their hatred, they called it "fear". 

Here's why. 

First, casting their hatred as "fear" demonized my friend. Although he was the real victim of their hate, he was cast as the bad guy; a man so vile that he evoked fear in the hearts of the employees. 

Second, casting their hatred as "fear" created the false illusion that the employees were somehow victims of this fine patriot. 

Here's another example. 

You may recall shortly after the 2016 presidential election, the mainstream news media reported a pale of fear resonated across the nation. One newscast reported that little Muslim children were hiding under the covers, fearful that Donald Trump would deport them. 

In reality a pale of hatred for Donald Trump resonated across the nation. The media cast the hatred as fear for the reasons mentioned above: It made the haters appear to be victims and the victim (Donald Trump) appear to be the hater. 

That raises a question: Should patriots use this same strategy against cultural Marxists, liberals, social justice warriors (SJW), et al

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  1. look who created cultural marxism then connect the dots! then you begin to know.


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