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May 18, 2017 -- Imagine a day without white inventions. Citizens of the world (yes, that's a globalist term) would take one day out of the year and refuse to use anything invented by whites. 

No one would use automobiles, airplanes, or telephones. Electric lights — or any other electrical gadgets — would be taboo. The Internet would, of course, be out of bounds as would be the Internet. Any medicine or medical treatments invented or discovered by whites would be forbidden. That means diabetics would not be allowed to use insulin. Persons with medical implants — such as mechanical heart valves — would have to remove them for the day. Sorry, but a few million people will have to die for the day. 

Those who survive will have to go naked; except for those who happen to own silk clothing. Eyeglasses and "glass" eyeballs will be out of reach. 

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