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Saturday Night at the Movies

There was a time when movies were entertaining rather than indoctrinating. No nudity, no profanity, no cultural marxism, and no forced diversity. The casts were nearly all white and the cars were in pristine condition. Men were men. women were women. revisit the time when america was great.

April 27, 2017 -- White people are necessarily racist. That is made evident by six things they routinely do:

1 - They look black people in the eye. 

This demonstrates dominance; the owner towering over the slave. 

2 - They don't look black people eye. 

This demonstrates aloofness; a key indicator of white privilege. 

3 - They initiate conversations with black people. 

This demonstrates dominance; the white slave owner commanding control over his black slave. 

4 - They don't initiate conversations with black people. 

This demonstrates aloofness and exlusion. White people are often unaware of this microaggression that is so painful to black people; all of whom are former slaves. 

5 - They ask Africans what country they are from. 

White people innately search for an excuse to exclude blacks. By asking Africans what nation they are from; whites are subconsciously fulfilling their need for dominance. Similarly, whites will ask Asians, "What kind of Asian are you?"

6 - They don't ask Africans what country they are from. 

White people are innately self-centered and show little or no consideration for the history of blacks. This demonstrates denial and subtle but obvious racism. Similarly, whites will fail to ask Asians, "What kind of Asian are you?"

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  1. blacks are most racist, no 1 murder. no 2 robbery. no 3 rape. no 4 intimidation. no 5 usually always launder money to themselves when is position of power. no 6 usually loud rude and violent. i could give a 100 more but she gave 6 so did i.