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March 26, 2017 -- Most everyone can remember their mother's home-cooked meals. And most everyone has a favorite. 

So when I asked on Facebook — "Did your mom make dinner when you were a kid? What was the best thing she made?" — I received a ton of responses. [see here ►]

Rebekah O'Lawlor wrote: 

Make Dinner???

EVERY day without fail. Approx. 20 minutes after daddy came home from work I the only female child had the table set, all the serving dishes placed onto the kitchen table and every day some sort of desert also ready. 

And a big dinner EVERY Sunday. Also many family members who lived from 50-200 miles away came to visit all day most EVERY Sunday, many stayed the entire weekend and we also often traveled to asst. relatives houses when daddy could leave work for a day or so, he owned and started a thriving ALL American Hardware Store and Hardware Distributing Warehouse circa 1947- 2001. Until the 1990's when myself and my brothers near completely took over the biz and daddy in the hay day until his passing worked there and later among us EVERY day of the week, 365 days EVERY year. AND FOR 54 YEARS. Employed up to 35 dependable life long employees who were great friends and a few KIN. 

The days when most everything stayed the same, and you could depend on a good living AND the best of friends.These were the BEST days of my 60 years here on planet earth! is GONE. THE turn from Made In The USA TO foreign manufactured goods in our ONCE thriving America pretty much put an end TO IT ALL.

My favorite almost weekly meal was Roasted Beef Brisket....which most ALL these meats were bought from a local Butcher (And Until the 1990's) with the most awesome mashed potatoes, home baked rolls and local and even homegrown green beans and or vegetables, ALWAYS LOADS OF VEGETABLES served with EVERY meal.....and Grandma's Peanut Butter and countless ASST. HOME BAKED & made pies! 

And Leg of Lamb with Mint Jelly for special occasions.

Until 2001-ish I still served these meals to my children. TODAY I CANT afford to.

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